Alcohol is considered as the second biggest cause of preventable death in the UK (after smoking). Alcohol misuse and excessive consumption affects most sectors across society, e.g. health, family breakdown, anti-social behaviour and crime. It is estimated to cost society £21 billion per year, with costs to the NHS directly being £3.5 billion per year.

Alcohol is also associated with an increased risk of a number of other health effects including depression and mental health problems, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, some cancers (eg breast cancer, head and neck cancers), weight gain and sexual problems. The impact on the foetus is also well recognised. There can also be psychosocial impacts on relationships, employment, risk of crime and debt in problem drinkers.

During 2013/14, there were an estimated 3,853 hospital admissions related to alcohol in Knowsley. This led to a rate of 2,804 alcohol related admissions per 100,000 population, significantly higher than England (2,086) and the North West region (2,565).Since 2009/10, there has been a 3% increase in the rate of alcohol related hospital admissions in Knowsley.

Out of 39 local authority areas in the North West region, Knowsley had the 15th highest rate of alcohol related hospital admissions during 2013/14. The rate of alcohol related admissions for Knowsley males was 3,869 per 100,000 males in 2013/14, twice as high as the rate for females (1,849 per 100,000 females) and a statistically significant difference.

Although alcohol is seen by many as a less addictive and less harmful substance, historical research has shown that a much wider range of offences are influenced by the use of alcohol. It is linked to many aspects of violence (domestic violence being one example) and anti-social behaviour as well as having strong influences on young people.

Historical analysis found that the vast majority of alcohol related crime is not reported to police due to the nature of the crime, such as domestic violence and fights outside places such as nightclubs. However, from what we do know, violence offences involving alcohol account for over 35% of all offences involving violence in Knowsley.

Alcohol related hospital admissions in Knowsley during the 12 months to September 2012 show a wide variation amongst Knowsley’s electoral wards. Hospital admission rates due to alcohol ranged from 1,507 admissions per 100,000 population in Roby electoral ward to 3,550 admissions per 100,000 population in Longview electoral ward; Longview’s rate being 2.4 times higher than Roby.

The rate of alcohol related admissions in Knowsley is high and this is demonstrated by the fact that only two electoral wards had a lower rate of admissions than England; Roby and Halewood North electoral ward (1,901 admissions per 100,000 population).

For further information and reading on alcohol in Knowsley the full JSNA report is available here JSNA Report – Alcohol

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