Unintended injuries (accidents) are a leading cause of preventable injury and death in children and young people and older people. Accidents remain the leading cause of death in people under 39 years old. Accounting for more years of life lost in those under-75 years than either preventable cancers, suicides or alcohol related causes of deaths. Furthermore, falls and health outcome due to any accidental injury are also disproportionately worse in older people.

Knowsley has higher levels of injuries in children and young people and also older people. Falls are the leading cause of injury for all ages in Knowsley, followed by poisonings. For both children, young and older people, these injuries disproportionately contribute to the borough’s significantly higher admissions and lengths of hospital stays.

This is a systematic assessment of local unintended injuries (accidents) in children (<19 years) and older people (60> years) in Knowsley. Working in partnership with community stakeholders, local need has been assessed against existing services and the current research evidence based to identify effective interventions for reducing our most prominent injuries. This Needs Assessment has formulated evidence based priorities to inform a multi-agency strategy.

Based on a review of national, regional and local epidemiology this report demonstrates: who you are, your age, the level of poverty you and your family live in and where in Knowsley you live are all factors that will contribute to your risk of having an accident.

The full JSNA report can be accessed here: Knowsley Accident Prevention