These are various reports covering the main areas of the data released from the 2011 census such as population, diversity and health

Census Briefings and Summaries 

More detailed reports on results from the Census, usually produced within a week of the official data release by the ONS.

Census_Briefing_Report_1 -Focuses on some of the main themes of population, gender and age band that were released in the first wave of Census data

Census_Information _Summary_1 – Basic Overview of Knowsley population

Census_Information _Summary_2 – Age and gender breakdown of Knowsley

Census 2011 – health of carers unpaid care briefing version 3 – Focuses on the breakdown of the carers in the Borough by means of age, gender and health

Census Information Summary 3 (Dec 2012) – Diversity Profile of Knowsley

Further Details on census information can be found at the following sites

  • The Office for National Statistics (ONS) makes local area Census, demographic, economic and household data available via the National Statistics and Neighbourhood Statistics websites
  • NOMIS provides data on employment, unemployment, benefits and Census for Knowsley, its neighbourhoods, postcode sectors, parliamentary constituencies and health areas.