There are around 60,200 residents in Knowsley who are employed, which means that 65.6% people of working age are in employment. The highest levels of employment and economic activity are in Halewood North, Roby, Swanside, and Whiston North.

The main industrial sectors that Knowsley residents are employed in are ‘public administration, education and health’ (34%), distribution, hotels and restaurants’ (18%), banking, finance and insurance (12%), and manufacturing (10%). The same proportion of residents in Knowsley are employed in service industries compared with England as a whole (80%).

There is a deficit of employment in higher paying occupations such as management, professional, and technical occupations compared with other parts of the country. Correspondingly, average weekly pay for residents in Knowsley is £377 per week, which is £44 per week lower than the England average of £421.

The highest concentrations of unemployment and economic inactivity are centred around Stockbridge, Page Moss and Longview in the Huyton partnership area, and Kirkby Central and Northwood within the Kirkby partnership area.

Knowsley has 16,500 claimants of key out-of-work benefits, which accounts for 17.6% of the working age population. Around 7,610 (46%) have been in receipt for over five years, of whom most (90%) are receiving sickness and disability benefits. Mental and behavioural disorders comprise almost half (48%) of all claims for sickness and disability benefits while musculoskeletal disorders account for 14%.

There remains a longstanding skills gap which represents a significant barrier to employment, with fewer residents qualified to GCSE, A-Level or Degree equivalent levels.

The full JSNA report can be found here:  JSNA Employment and unemployment


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