Falls are the most serious and frequent type of accident in people aged over-65. Falls are costly for the individual, the NHS and the Social Care System however, falls are not inevitable. Risk factors for falls include both intrinsic (age, medication, medical conditions e.g. osteoporosis) and extrinsic factors (environmental hazards, footwear, inappropriate walking aids). Falls Prevention Programmes have the potential to deliver health and wellbeing benefits for the older population and reduce costs both for health and social care.

The number of falls and financial cost is set to increase.  One in three people aged 65 years and over experience a fall at least once a year – rising to one in two among those aged 80 years and older. Latest ONS population estimates (mid-year 2017) show there are 25,209 adults aged 65 or above living in Knowsley; by 2030 this is forecasted to have increased to approximately 33,400 (an increase of 32.5% and 36,500 by 2040 (an increase of 44.8%).

In Knowsley local authority area emergency hospital admissions due to falls in people over the age of 65 years had shown a marked decline in 2013/14, with the rate since then rising to its current level in 2017/18 of 3292 per 100,000 Directly Age Standardised Rate (DSR). The rate in Knowsley has consistently been significantly higher compared to North West (2399) and England (2170)

The full JSNA report can be accessed here: JSNA – Falls Prevention


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