Knowsley Council’s Corporate Plan Indicators

Knowsley Council uses a set of indicators to monitor how Knowsley compares with the regional and national picture in a number of key areas including health, education, economy, environment and safeguarding.  This helps the Council to assess how far the Borough is progressing towards achieving its vision to make Knowsley the ‘Borough of Choice’.

Corporate Plan Indicators updated 2014-2015

These indicators are all in line with the council corporate plan. This can be accessed below


Knowsley Public Health Compendium

This document aims to provide a comprehensive summary of health issues in Knowsley. It gives comparisons for Knowsley internally and externally including national, regional and “for Similar” areas. While the compendium is primarily aimed at staff within Public Health and partner agencies, it is also available to external agencies and members of the public.


Knowsley Public Health Statistical Compendium 14