Families in Knowsley Policy Framework – We recognise that improving the life of an individual has to be in the context of the wider family environment. Family policy is therefore about adopting appropriate approaches to support those families with the most need to improve their lives and at the same time growing the number of thriving families in the Borough. To help achieve this, Knowsley has adopted a ‘Families in Knowsley’ policy framework that sets out key actions the council will take to support all families in a range of different ways.

Child Poverty and Life Chances Development Plan 2011-14 – This plan is intended to dovetail with the City Region approach to child poverty, and develops local responses to its aim, which is mainly focussed on improving life chances of children, and supporting early intervention with vulnerable families.

Financial Inclusion Strategy – The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that co-ordinated activity continues to be implemented to tackle financial exclusion in Knowsley.