Knowsley Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing – This report deals specifically with children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Whilst the analysis refers to children with disabilities and complex needs, Children Looked After, child poverty as well as housing and homelessness, specific intelligence on these populations is covered in separate Joint Intelligence Reviews.

This report is currently password protected whilst being finalised.  The full report will be available to view soon. Contact the PII team for access.


Knowsley Child and Family Poverty Joint Intelligence Report – To be published late 2014/early 2015

The existing Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (2011) includes a sections related to mental health and wellbeing.  Click here

 Key local and regional sources of information

 There was an extensive work undertaken to understand mental health and wellbeing in the borough during 2014 for the health and Wellbeing Board.  Key documents produced are below;

Other local information

Wellbeing Survey 2013

Other useful information

Links to recognised national intelligence, evidence and profiles are provided below;

Mental Health Community Profile