There are particular population groups that are known to be of greater risk of having poor health and wellbeing outcomes and experiencing severe inequalities. The Equality Act 2010 identifies a number of groups as those with “Protected Characteristics”, of which many experience severe inequalities. Within the act these groups are listed as:

Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Pregnancy and Maternity, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Race or Ethnic Minority which includes Gypsies and Travellers and Colour and may include Nationality, Religion or belief or non belief, Sex (Male or Female) and Sexual Orientation.

According to the 2011 population Census, 97.2% of Knowsley’s residents are White British, with the next highest proportion of people being of Mixed Ethnic Origin (at 1.3%). This Ethnic profile differs from that nationally, where 86% of residents are White British, followed by Asian/Asian British at 7.7%.

The LGF report that demand for health and social care services is increasing at the same time as funding is falling across the public, private and voluntary sectors. For example, during 2010/11, the Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) helped 58% more counselling clients compared to the previous year, and delivered 28% more counselling sessions. The severity of issues reported by service users also increased, with nearly half (47%) of counselling clients having previously attempted suicide.

The full JSNA report can be accessed here: PCG and Vulnerable Groups