Transport is also one of the key drivers to the success of any area. Transport drives not only the business of a location but good transport links ensure residents can move freely both within local areas and also wider afield for both employment and leisure.

Transport has a vital role in contributing to the health and wellbeing of the Knowsley communities and is important contributory factor to health inequalities if transport needs are not met.

The rise in personal car use has meant liberation for people who are young and more affluent. More deprived, elderly and disabled people can become trapped in „residential islands‟ surrounded by dense traffic, or without the means to access more distant facilities and services in out-of-town developments.

Access to a personal vehicle is one of the main enablers to a greater freedom to work and enjoy leisure facilities.Data from the 2011 Census (ONS) shows that 37% of Knowsley residents do not have access to a car or van for travel; this is 12% higher than the national figure of 25%.

The majority of the more deprived areas such as Stockbridge, Longview and Cherryfield all have lower levels of car ownership than the rest of the borough.

The highest age bracket for Knowsley residents who out commute into Merseyside is the 16-24 year olds where almost 70% work outside of Knowsley. Almost 25% of 25- 34 year olds work outside of the Merseyside region. Only the 50-64 age bracket has over 30% of people who both live and work in Knowsley.